You are now able to fill out your registration forms, upload your GP referral letter and review our privacy and consent policies online! Please note - you still need to contact a member of our administration team via phone or email to make an appointment to see Dr Touzell even if completing your registration forms online. 

Click here to fill out your new appointment patient information form online

Click here to fill out your Manchester-Oxford Foot Questionnaire (MOxFQ) online

Alternatively, you can download the forms, print them off and bring them to your appointment:

           new patient registration form

          Manchester-Oxford Foot Questionnaire (MOxFQ)


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The content of this website is for information purposes only. Dr Touzell does not accept liability to any person for the information, or use of information, provided on this website. It is recommended the content on this website is utilised with a prescriber that understands medications, surgical options and rehabilitation pathways recommended. Advice is generic in nature and should always be applied with the individual in mind.  

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