Consultation fees

New face-to-face consultation: $200

New face-to-face consultation (pensioner): $160
Review face-to-face consultation: $100

New telehealth consultation: $125

Review telehealth consultation: bulk-billed

A medicare rebate of $73.85 will be processed for you on the day of your consultation. As of 6th April 2020, face-to-face and telehealth consultations are eligible for this medicare rebate. 
All care after surgery including wound reviews, removal of sutures and dressings: included in surgical fee.


Fracture clinic fee

Fracture clinic appointment: physiotherapy fee of $130, which includes application or removal of plasters as required. There may be an additional cost for CAM boots, therabands and other equipment needed for your treatment. Dr Touzell's fracture clinic fee is bulk-billed. 

All consultation fees are payable on the day. We accept all credit card payments, EFTPOS and cash. Cheques are only accepted by prior arrangement. 

Fees associated with your surgery


Excess from your health fund

If you have an excess from your health fund, this is payable to the hospital the day of your surgery. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance company prior to your surgery to find out your excess and confirm your procedure is covered. 


Dr Touzell's fee

If it is suggested you need surgery, there is usually an out-of-pocket cost. The out-of-pocket (or 'gap') expense is $200 - $500 depending on the procedure and the rebate offered by the insurance company. Dr Touzell participates in the 'known gap' scheme supported by most insurance companies. Dr Touzell's gap payment is due at your two-week post-operative appointment.

Anaesthetic fee

Your specialist anaethetist may charge an out-of-pocket fee. This fee is usually calculated on the length of your operation, but you will be given an approximation of this cost prior to your surgery.

Assistant fee

Dr Touzell has a surgical assistant who is a doctor that assists during the surgery. They may charge an out-of-pocket fee which is normally 20% of Dr Touzell's GAP fee. 


You may require a CAM boot, ankle brace or orthotic after your surgery. We sell these for convenience in our rooms but you are welcome to use a device you already have, or purchase them elsewhere. We recommend you contact your surgeon to confirm that the device you have is appropriate.


You may also require additional imaging which may have an out of pocket cost. You are welcome to undertake these scans at a location that is convenient for you and enquire directly at these locations about whether these scans can be bulk-billed. Your request form given to you by your surgeon can be used at any radiology centre that has the equipment for your scan. A bulk-billed scan may have a waiting period at some centres. 

If you have any concerns about out-of-pocket costs, please discuss them when you call to make your appointment.

At this stage, we are seeing TAC and worker's compensation patients. 

We are happy to see uninsured patients to offer an opinion but recommend surgery is performed within the public system to avoid the additional costs of rare but possible complications such as a heart attack, severe allergic reaction to medication or unexpected intensive care admission. We are unable to place uninsured patients on the Peninsula Health waiting list directly but will liaise with your general practitioner about referring you to the Frankston Public hospital orthopaedic outpatient department where Dr Touzell also has a public appointment and can treat you as a public patient.