Consultation fees

Consultation fees are payable on the day of your appointment. We accept all credit card payments, EFTPOS and cash.

Initial face-to-face consultation:

  • Standard Fee:  $200

  • Aged pension card holders: $160

    • Medicare Rebate: $76.80

Review face-to-face consultation:

  • Standard Fee:  $100

  • Aged pension card holders $80

    • Medicare Rebate: $38.60


Initial videoconference consultation: 

  • Standard fee: $125

    • Medicare Rebate:  $76.80

  • Review videoconference consultation: $70

    • Medicare Rebate: $38.60

Fracture clinic fee

Initial Consultation:  $130

Review Consultation: $100

If you have extras on Private health insurance you may be eligible for a rebate. There may be an additional cost for CAM boots, therabands and other equipment needed for your treatment.  A medicare rebate is not applicable on this fee. Dr Touzell's fracture clinic fee is bulk-billed provided you have a referral from a medical practitioner such as your General Practitioner, Emergency Department doctor or Sports Physician. 

Fees associated with your surgery


We will provide an estimate of fees once you have booked a date for your surgery.  This will include the expected item numbers for your procedure.  We strongly recommend you contact your insurance company prior to your surgery to make sure you are covered for the recommended surgery.    


Hospital Fees:

You may have an excess or co-payment fee for the hospital, depending on your level of cover.  This is payable to the hospital on the day of your surgery. This is separate to Dr Touzell’s gap fee. 


Dr Touzell's fee:

Dr Touzell participates in the 'known gap' scheme for most Health Insurance companies, meaning your out-of-pocket fee for your surgery is approximately $500.


Please note - Dr Touzell does not participate in the 'known gap' scheme for the following insurance companies:

  • NIB

  • Mildura Health

  • Latrobe Health

This means your out-of-pocket costs for surgery if you are insured with these funds will usually be greater than $500.  The out-of-pocket fee is different if you are insured with the above companies because the rebate provided from these particular insurance companies to Dr Touzell is much lower compared to other funds.  Some information about health insurance companies and the rebates provided to surgeons can be found here:




Please contact our administration team if you would like to discuss this further. 


Dr Touzell's gap payment is due at your two-week post-operative appointment. 

Anaesthetic fee

Your Anaesthetist may charge an out-of-pocket fee. This fee is usually calculated on the length and complexity of your operation.  You will be given an estimate of this cost prior to your surgery directly from the Anaesthetic Group scheduled for your surgery.

Assistant fee:

Dr Touzell uses a Surgical Assistant who is a doctor that assists during the surgery.  The Assistant Surgeon is entitled to charge up to 20% of Dr Touzell’s fee.  Health fund and Medicare rebates are applicable on the Assistant Surgeon’s fee.

Other Costs:

There may be other costs associated with your surgery and post-operative care such as other medical practitioners involved in your care radiology, pathology, orthotics etc.  There may be out-of-pocket costs associated with these.

If you have any concerns about out-of-pocket costs, please discuss them when you call to make your appointment.


TAC and Workers Compensation:

We see TAC and worker's compensation patients.  To enable us to bill the Insurer we ask you to get a letter from them approving your consultation.  If surgery is recommended we will write to them requesting approval, and only book your surgery once this has been granted

Patients who do not have private health insurance:

We are happy to see uninsured patients to offer an opinion, but if surgery is required we recommend this is performed within the public system to avoid the additional costs of rare but possible complications, such as a heart attack, severe allergic reaction to medication or unexpected intensive care admission.  We are unable to refer patients to the Peninsula Health (Frankston Public Hospital) waiting list directly as only referrals from General Practitioners are accepted by Frankston Public Hospital orthopaedic outpatient department.

As there can be a prolonged wait for treatment in the public system, we strongly suggest that your GP refer you to the Peninsula Health Orthopaedic Outpatient Department (where Dr Touzell has a public appointment) as early as possible.